I’ll Send An ‘SOS’ To The World…

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Ok, full disclosure, I didn’t quite intend this blog to be a whole-food plant-based haven, but I can see it taking that turn – and I’m super pleased about it! Because, to me, it means that what I want to say will not only be more focused in terms of my goal to live a balanced, healthy, existence, but it will also make this little endeavor a heck more worthwhile. I spoke last week about being on a “veggie crusade,” but as I’m already feeling like a rockstar since adopting this diet just a couple of months ago, I know this lifestyle is something that I want to share with as many people as possible. Having unintentionally converted my carnivorous husband and best friend through the casual relay of juicy extracts from the above reads, and bearing witness to their own success with the change, I think I’m on some sort of evangelical high. So, yup, I think it’s time to go forth and spread the good news – that we do not need animal protein to survive, thrive, and be happy!

But how? That is, I’ve found myself wondering how best to tackle this within our wider social circle without being pushy. We can all preach at home, that’s easy, as my ability to be direct about why I’ve become a whole-food plant-based devotee to my nearest and dearest, and now new disciples of the movement, will testify. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have two birds in the hand, but as there’s plenty more in the bush, being an armchair advocate just won’t do – the message is simply too good! But, for casual conversation it needs to be succinct, and I’m kind of struggling with that at the moment. Coincidentally, I came across a link on Twitter this morning, a photograph which simply said “Eat Plants, Gain Health, Save Animals, Help the Planet,” and I wondered if the next time I decline that ground beef patty say, for example, at a friend’s barbecue, would this nice neat tagline suffice? Would it be enough to give them the gist of what I’m doing without creating an uncomfortable atmosphere, but possibly pique their interest?

But, maybe I’m asking the wrong the question here. Perhaps this conversation should be uncomfortable. Honesty, after all, is uncomfortable – unbearably so, in most cases. And let’s face it, those who have already made the leap to plant-based living (and now know how amazing it is!), would probably wish they had access to the truth much sooner. I know I certainly feel that way. But as I console myself with the words of another tidy tagline, “better late than never,” I hope with some effort to convey my own version of the former, that the message will get through. So out goes the ‘SOS’, because, with 7.5 billion now in need of a better world home,  I’m not content in being alone on this one for too long.

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3 thoughts on “I’ll Send An ‘SOS’ To The World…

  1. Good on you. I am a strict vegetarian and have been for many years, over thirty and enjoy it. I think we can all do our little bit. Since about twenty years ago I don’t use any cosmetics ect that are tested on animals nor household products. Again it’s just my little bit to help the animals.

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